Are you ready? It’s barbecue season!


Spring! Warm weather is finally arriving. Those who want to start enjoying a barbecue should get busy right away and prepare their grill.

Cleaning a grill: wet or dry

Before things get underway, it’s time to give the grill a thorough cleaning. You can clean it dry or first soak the cooking grate in water. If you clean the grill while it is dry, let it first warm up a bit and then remove rust and other particles of dirt with a standard grill brush.

You can also soak heavily soiled cooking grates in water. Add some baking powder or grease solvent, soften up the grime and work on the cooking grate with steel wool until it is clean again.

Prepare fuel

Check your supply of bottled gas or charcoal. If you work with the latter, perhaps it would be worthwhile to spend a few minutes in the Internet where you can find flavoured charcoal, such as with whiskey or hickory, for an American-style BBQ.


It’s time again: barbecue season is here! (photo: Weber Stephen Schweiz AG).

According to barbecue expert Christian Macek, a good marinade (see the article «Marinade») and first-class meat (see the article «Meat») are much more important than a special type of charcoal.

Accessories: Which are necessary?

Recently a wide variety of cooking racks, meat tongs, etc. have come on the market. What’s actually necessary? «An apron», laughs barbecue expert Macek. Besides that, though, he advises having grill tongs which are not too pointed or sharp so they do not damage the meat as well as a good cooking thermometer for large pieces of meat. «Everyone must decide for themselves whether they really need additional accessories», adds this expert.

Brush-up from an expert for the «obsessed»

If you own a sophisticated grill or do more than just barbecue and would like to put on a real show as a master chef, you should expand your horizons and learn more. There are many barbecue courses to choose from, and they do more than inform you but are also sociable and enjoyable. «A 3-course meal from the grill can be very casual», says Macek.

And what now? Continue reading all the things you can learn about meat, sausage, marinades or a new small grill. You can find these additional articles using the article navigation at the top.