Feng shui in the garden


A part of harmonious living according to feng shui also includes garden design. According to Far Eastern teachings, our living situation is namely a mirror of ourselves.

Because we as individuals have an interior and exterior, in feng shui the outdoor areas have just as much importance as the indoor areas. Consequently, a well cared for and harmonious garden is indispensable for personal balance between our own interior and exterior.

Inner peace outdoors, too

Feng shui consultant Barbara Rüttimann has redesigned countless gardens according to feng shui.

«When I enter a garden, a deep feeling of inner peace should spread throughout my being.» This requires, above all, that a garden be well cared for. In a messy garden the positive energy, known as chi, is blocked and you can let your soul unfold only with difficulty.

Cared for but not posh

However, according to Rüttimann, cared for does not mean arranged and trimmed in a posh manner. Above all, it’s important that the plants are healthy and well watered.

In addition, no clutter should be lying around, and garden furniture and tools should be neither broken nor rusty. This also, of course, also applies to a balcony or terrace.

You can read on the following pages how you can divide up your garden into nine living areas and achieve a great deal with colours, shapes and materials.


Our expert for this article: Barbara Rüttimann, independent feng shui consultant, rb Rüttimann consulting.A feng shui garden need not be posh but must be healthy and well cared for (photo: Barbara Rüttimann).You can find more information on the topic of feng shui in the interview «Feng shui – do a lot with just a little».