Feng Shui made easy

Applying Feng Shui doesn’t mean having to completely rearrange your apartment. Regular cleaning and clearing will already help improve the flow of positive energy through the living areas. Simply cleaning out all those accumulated things that take up space – and that you don’t really need – will do wonders to increase harmony and well-being.

Tips for optimizing your apartment

  • Clean your apartment regularly.
  • Put your apartment in good order on a regular basis.
  • Throw away old things that you no longer need or like.
  • Bring a fresh atmosphere into your home with colours, shapes, fabrics and new objects or accessories.
  • Activate dark areas with light.
  • Use every space.
  • Liven up the atmosphere with water or plants.
  • Do not put sitting or sleeping areas directly in a door-window line (energy draft).
  • Avoid sharp corners and edges.
  • Give each room a personal note.
  • Use decorations, lights, plants, symbols and stones to activate certain areas.

With colours, shapes and fabrics you can bring a fresh atmosphere into your home (photo: Pfister).To find out first-hand how to apply the principles of Feng Shui, see our interview with Feng Shui expert Barbara Rüttimann: «Feng shui: do a lot with just a little»