How to clean shutters and blinds


Not only are windowpanes exposed to the weather, but so are shutters and blinds. Those last ones are true magnets for dirt! Before you start cleaning them, here’s a tip: make sure to absolutely avoid aggressive cleaning agents and abrasive cleaning rags!

Tips for normally soiled slats

Because shutter slats run across horizontally, considerable dirt builds up on them. Thus you should clean them on a regular basis and perhaps once a year give the individual slats a good workover. The best way is to close the shutters to form a closed surface and dust them off while they’re dry before you tackle everything else with water and then wipe them dry. Afterwards you can change the alignment of the slats so that you can clean the other side in the same way.

As regards cleaning: for dusting them off, there are brushes just for shutters that have a microfibre fabric with a pile. When wiping them down wet, it’s best to use a device designed for cleaning blinds that has a spongy head.

Tips for heavily soiled slats

Heavily soiled shutter slats made of plastic or aluminium can also be placed in the bathtub to soak in water to which you’ve added a bit of a neutral detergent. First work on them with a flat sponge or a soft brush, rinse them off, hang the blinds up and let them dry in a vertical position.

Roller shutters near the ground

When cleaning roller shutters on the lower floors, roll them down only as far as necessary so that you can also get at the cracks, crevices and holes. That’s where dirt especially likes to collect. Now rub down the roller shutters on both sides vigorously with water and neutral detergent or plastic cleaner, rinse them off with clean water, rub them dry and let them dry off completely for a short time. Only then should you roll them back up.

As for the roller shutter belts, you can rub them down with a rough microfibre cloth. If there is heavy soiling, it’s recommended to rub them down with a household cleaner.

By the way: stubborn spots on roller shutters can be removed with a soft rubber eraser.

Roller shutters up high

In the upper stories, you must do without an exterior cleaning of the roller shutters because in most cases you would have to open up the pelmet box. Do your part to help: let them down the whole way when a thunderstorm is approaching and turn the work over to the rain. Or read further under the heading Clever cleaning.

You can find cleaning tips for wooden and aluminium shutters on the following page.


Window blinds and shutters are true magnets for dirt: during your spring cleaning, take the opportunity to make them shine (photo: Venetian blinds from Schenker Storen AG).