Lawn care in summer


A lovely, thick lawn is not only the result of proper watering but also regular care (e.g. mowing, fertilizing, weed control).

Water generously in early morning

The amount of water for a lawn depends on the location of the plot (e.g. in the sun or in shadows, on a slope) and, of course, on the weather. When it’s hot and hasn’t rained for many days, every plant needs water. Here’s a rule of thumb: do the watering in the early morning before the sun starts to shine. Generally, it’s sufficient to water 1 – 2 times per week, even when the temperatures are very warm. But this must absolutely be very substantial (30 to 45 minutes long).

Mow often, keep the grass short

If you are striving for a thick lawn with few weeds, you must mow regularly. Depending on the type of grass, that means up to twice a week in the primary growing season (May until June), otherwise once a week is sufficient. However, an important factor is the proper cutting height (not too short, not too long).

Kill weeds regularly

Weeds can grow even in a lawn which is mowed regularly and is well cared for. You can pull out individual weeds by hand. In the case of a larger infestation, it’s best to purchase a selective herbicide which can distinguish between grass and large-leaved plants and kills only the latter.

Fertilize two to three times

Last but not least, a lawn must be fertilized regularly (two to three times per year). Well-fertilized grass is less vulnerable, has less moss and fewer weeds and it withstands the cold months better. In addition, it has a lovelier, thicker and more attractive appearance. The first application of fertilizer takes place approximately in the middle of April, the second in July and a possible third application, depending on the weather, in September. Products well suited as fertilizers are those such as Certoplant Royal from Schweizer or Compo Floranid. Important: fertilizer should be applied after mowing and on a dry lawn. Afterwards, however, the lawn must be intensively watered so that the nutrients work their way into the ground and the fertilizer doesn’t burn the blades of grass.


To get a lovely, thick lawn, you must take proper care of it over the summer (photo: Eric Schweizer AG, PO Box 150, CH-3602 Thun /