Lovely attention grabbers – accents with individual pieces

One thing up front – trends are not completely new from year to year. For a long time, usability over many years has been an important theme. Even so, what starts small often takes on a life of its own. And, of course, there are always completely new things.

New: be bold with colours

Last year, white was still being combined with subtle colours. This year, we’re becoming more bold. Not only besides white there are also shades of cream, earth and sand as well as a range of grey tones. There are colours to be seen: cooling pastel shades, delicate sorbet nuances, dusky rose and coral, shades of berry, green and turquoise, orange and ice-cream colours. Black as well as black/white also often appear.

Emphasis on classics with a charming «used look»

Whether an old cabinet from great-grandmother or a carpet handed down from generation to generation, an old piece here and there always fits in well with a modern ambient. That’s one reason why more and more furniture manufacturers are rediscovering the old classics. At the moment, sofas, chairs and even lamps from legendary designers are being bought up and brought onto the market anew.

Modern pieces, strong-minded with plenty of character

When it comes to furniture, you will also often see individual pieces from contemporary craftsmen – the more daring the better. They are intended to pep up your rooms; the focus is not on status but rather innovation. Items with a strong, individual design, which make something special out of your home and add an unmistakeable personal touch to the overall impression.

Elegant: outdoor furniture, now also for the living room

Just as these days we no longer have special outfits to wear on Sundays, we are continually breaking down the barrier between outdoor and indoor furniture. A refined look is possible through the use of pieces of outdoor furniture in the living room, especially if you have opted to go with a style in the urban look.

By the way, this year emphasis is once again being placed on the materials used. These should be sustainable, promote healthy living and naturally have a long service life. The throw-away mentality is moving further into the background.

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