Magical gardens


Every garden is as unique as its owner. Thus the question: what makes you «tick»? What is important to you? According to horticulturist Hans-Peter Forster of Forster Gartenbau AG in Titterten, the Gardeners of Eden – a network of 70 horticulturists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – have developed their own categories of the types of garden styles and distinguish among four basic types.

For friends of architectonic designs

If you like things generously laid out, linear and clearly defined, you’re right at home with a designer garden. Things that characterise them include clear structures, architectonic shapes and refined materials. The use of modern building materials such as exposed concrete, stainless steel, Corten steel or gabions is balanced with elaborately processed natural stone, wood and gravel. Important here is the perfect craftsman-like application of just a few materials, skilfully selected.

For those who enjoy all the senses

Harmonious shapes and open areas rhythmically alternating with luxuriant cultivated areas make for a clear structure void of any formal austerity. Here many elements – fragrant plants, herbs, luxuriant and richly coloured perennial plants, a pond or a swimming pond, a brook and perhaps even a graceful garden pavilion – all combine to form a harmonious whole.

For lovers of beauty and variety

In the aesthetic garden you find the harmonious changeover from small retreats to open areas where you can entertain friends and visitors. The primary focus is on harmony and style in a tranquil setting.

For those who appreciate nature

This type of garden embodies everything for people who want to experience nature up close in a garden, pure nature enthusiasts. It might have a meadow of flowers instead of grass, a pond instead of a pool and snug, cosy places for sitting and cultivated areas which bring into view nature’s seasonal variations.


In a natural garden, the gardener simply provides the structure and leaves all the rest to Mother Nature.


The designer garden wins over fans of modern shapes and contemporary building materials.


A feast for the senses is what you can expect in a sensuous garden with its luxuriant plants, an impressive abundance of colours and a gentle transition between the various areas.


Relaxing possibilities for a private retreat are something to look for in an aesthetic garden with alternating private areas and open terrain.

Photos: Gärtner von Eden/medienfabik Gütersloh.