Small details with great impact


Something new on the wall

If the desire for something new awakens within you, a change of scenery is quite appropriate. Remember, walls are what we look at most and the things with which we can make the biggest changes in a room. Don’t worry, you don’t have to move out or paint or put up new wallpaper to get a new look. Photos and paintings are the quick, simple solution, and that’s also possible even without visiting a gallery and with a small pocketbook.

Romantic frames

Playful, romantic picture frames give your apartment a feminine look with a touch of spring. Take a variety of frames in a similar style and put together a wall of pictures, or place a group on top of a bureau. Frame things that appeal to you right now – you can change the pictures any time you want. Family photos are always very personal, but attractive pictures you find in the newspaper or print out from the Internet also look good in these decorative, pastel frames. A few of them are even provided with magnets which make it even simpler to swap out your favourite images.


Frames and white bureau from Pfister (Photo: Pfister)


Picture and furniture from Housedoctor (Photo: Housedoctor)

Postcards over the breakfast table

You don’t necessarily need frames when hanging lovely pictures on a wall; postcards or photos can easily be attached directly to it. Make sure the pictures harmonise with each other or perhaps even tell a story. Attach them in a regular pattern with removable adhesive material such as Blu-Tack. A very lovely effect is created if you place them over a small piece of furniture such as this cosy breakfast table from Housedoctor. This decorative idea also functions over a nightstand or a console table.

Family photos in a cosy sitting corner

Family photos also look very attractive when pinned directly to the wall where they radiate cosiness. An especially pretty effect results when the photos are printed out in black/white or are photocopied. You can create such a photo wall yourself with thumbtacks, coloured sticky tape or with an adhesive material. Empty, golden or wooden frames placed on top of them also provide an extra decorative effect.


Picture, furniture and accessoires from Ikea (Photo: Ikea)