What is your home decorating personality?


Whether clutter and disorder, an uninspired selection of furniture or a slight inclination towards being a perfectionist when it comes to furnishing your home: we all commit small decorative transgressions and have quirks which make our everyday living an expression of our character. Exactly these make our homes more interesting because they mirror our inner attitude. And just as we can change this attitude, home decorations can be changed and set in a new direction to match our needs and desires.

Small improvements – big differences

If you want to optimise your interior design, you need not embark on a laborious redesign or even worse a total renovation. The goal here is not to transform your home into the identical image of designer apartments pictured in glossy magazines. After all, who really wants to live in a furniture store?

Aesthetics increase your well-being

The key thing is to begin your voyage by discovering your wants and ideas and then start tackling the smaller or larger things which disturb you in your living areas or which can be optimised. Well-being also arises from our visual impressions; in the same way that food should be appetising to the eye, the external effect of interior spaces influences one’s joy of living.

Our quiz

In our quiz, you can find out which decorative transgressions and little quirks you must address by first identifying which home decorating personality type you are. Following that, you can learn which optimisation measures you can take to make living at home much more enjoyable.

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Wheter a little messy, indecisive concerning the choice of furniture or perfectionist: there are clever tips for every home decorating personality.