Your rights: Construction Defects in New Housing

Construction defects, delays and general annoyance can spoil a house buyer’s joy in entering the housing market. Crucial to the topic of “construction defects in new housing” are contracts and agreements. Bloss: What if the apartment seller will not assume any responsibility for botched construction?

Condominium owners’ meeting: My Rights as a Condo Owner

Condominium owners always have their annual meeting during the first quarter or first semester of the year. This meeting serves as a platform for making all of their important decisions and questions. The condo owners’ meeting is also a good exercise in living out and participating in democracy in action. Meetings start to break down …

Differences in Housing between Switzerland and Other Countries

Apartments vary from country to country in their furnishings and fittings. What is considered standard in some households, you won’t find in others. In addition to the number of rooms, the most important basic equipment in an apartment is definitely the sanitary facilities and electrical connections. In this article, we answer your questions regarding country-specific particulars involving tenancy.

Build in instead of move out

Is the apartment too small, is there a room missing or is there simply not enough storage space? Clever installations help here. Much can also be implemented in rental apartments. In an apartment, in which one wants to stay longer, custom-made and certain fixtures are worthwhile. Although they are an investment, they offer the desired living comfort, space or desired solution of a problem. Be inspired by these 10 very different ideas for rethinking.