How does a minimalist actually live? – An interview with Alan Frei

Have you ever heard of minimalism? More and more people are turning their backs on consumption and limiting themselves to the absolute essentials in life. In recent years in particular, an increasing number of people have been asking themselves: Must there always be more than is actually needed? Entrepreneur Alan Frei has already formed a clear opinion on this and has told us about his life and his experiences as a minimalist.

The big Christmas contest

Find Santa Claus’s house! In the “Rent” and “Buy” section on our Website, Santa Claus offers his house! We would like to help him find a follower so he can distribute his presents. But we need your help! Find Santa Claus’s house hidden on from 1 to 6 december 2017. With a bit of luck, you might …

What you should keep in mind when terminating

A change of residence is associated with a lot of effort.
Belongings must not only be packed and transported, but your place of residence must also be terminated correctly. Termination has to be carried out according to strict rules, which are defined in the OR.
Anyone wanting to avoid aggravation should be aware of the most important regulations.

Living Large

We have combed through our website for a third time, and have compiled the most extraordinary properties for you to peruse.

Finger food for garden parties

Garden party finger food includes appetizer spoons and verrines (snacks in a glass), with tasty recipes from around the world. If the whole thing is displayed like a street food market, it will be an unforgettable event.