What additional costs may the landlord charge?

Additional costs or not? Total costs for using residential and business premises result from rent and ancillary costs, the latter partly contribute significantly to the total costs. We show you which costs are allowed as so-called incidental costs and which ones your landlord has to bear.

Housing search for seniors: Over 65 difficult

How does housing search for senior citizens look today? Older people are less familiar than the younger generation with the latest digital methods. When they are looking for a new home, either voluntarily or involuntarily, their budget is usually limited. But there are solutions: In Zürich, retired real estate professionals help.

10 things to sort out quickly when moving house

Moving house is always a big deal. You lose an old home, gain a new one, and everything is a bit of a whirlwind. All the more reason to want to feel at home again as quickly as possible. Some things are best dealt with right at the beginning –  these 10 things are good …

Overseas real estate: Vacation homes by the sea

Are you also dreaming of a property overseas? Those who want to buy a property in Spain, Tuscany, Greece, Montenegro or Croatia can certainly profit from reasonable prices. However, those who naively approach a real estate business abroad may experience some nasty surprises. From advance payments to interest rates, there is a lot to take into consideration.

Real estate tax return: Some tips you should know

If you own apartments or properties, you need to plan your finances and taxes carefully. “Organization is half the work”, as they say. So if you want to sort out your real estate tax return efficiently, you should always collect and keep all of your records. Our tips will help you to give you an overview.

Planning reconstruction: Renovation with a system

Planning a reconstruction: For more and more people, this is becoming an urgent task. There are tens of thousands of outdated homes. And so the idea is born, to give the house a fresh look with a lick of paint or even major reconstruction. But don’t botch it! Good planning from the very beginning is essential.

How does a minimalist actually live? – An interview with Alan Frei

Have you ever heard of minimalism? More and more people are turning their backs on consumption and limiting themselves to the absolute essentials in life. In recent years in particular, an increasing number of people have been asking themselves: Must there always be more than is actually needed? Entrepreneur Alan Frei has already formed a clear opinion on this and has told us about his life and his experiences as a minimalist.