Summertime just like in Miami

Miami ist die Stadt der tropischen Lebensfreude, der pastellfarbenen Art Deco Häuser, der Palmen und des Glamours. All das möchten wir auch Miami is the city of tropical flair, of pastel Art Deco buildings, of palm trees and glamour – all things we’d enjoy having in our homes, as well. Chic accessories and cool furnishing tips will help put you in the mood.

How to – prepare a lavish picnic

Summer is here, and there’s nothing better than savouring a meal outdoors. At this time of year we can enjoy sunny weekends and warm summer evenings by making a trip to the park, a lake or a forest and bringing lots of different tasty things all ready to eat. Then we simply lay out our picnic blanket in the outdoors, lay back and enjoy life. Here are a few things which might inspire you.