Penthouse apartments that you must have seen

Have you been dreaming of a penthouse apartment with a breathtaking view? Then you are in the right place here. In our section „Exceptional Living,“ we have compiled remarkable, unique buildings that you simply must have seen. Modern luxury penthouse apartment with 180° panoramic view Lugano: lake view, warmth and Italian charm. The luxury penthouse …

Energy saving living made easy

Frequently, small changes in lifestyle are enough to make an impact. With these simple tips, you can save energy, be greener and, last but not least, reduce your costs.   Ventilate properly The well-known tilt window: A little culprit when it comes to the efficient use of energy. Why? Tilted windows for ventilation allow only …

Favorite furniture: the wooden table

No furniture is as popular as the big wooden table. In many apartments and houses, it is the focal point of the interior and the core piece of furniture for those who live there. Here are 10 ideas for furnishing your home using wooden dining tables that feature very different styles. They make you want to go searching for that favorite piece of furniture, to introduce a little change and make your home that much more comfortable and hospitable.

Real estate property: What happens after a divorce?

Difficult questions must be resolved when a couple goes their separate ways. Who gets the custody of the children? What is the distribution key that should be used to divide the assets? Since real estate is worth a lot today, something else is considered particularly tricky: equitable distribution of common property.