A very different kind of NYE

It’s almost NYE! We’ve got a few tips on how to spend the final days of the year. From a cosy spa day to an exciting treasure hunt – there’s something for everyone. And because your house also adds to the new year feeling, we’ve got two craft ideas that you can do in a flash.




1. Spa day

Why not enjoy a relaxed start to the new year? Take time for yourself and do something good for your body and soul. Take a bath and try out some face masks. Or have a go at yoga. Do whatever does you good!


2. Games evening

There are so many different games out there – and you’ve probably got a few lying around somewhere. Dig them out of the cupboard and have fun. You can also search for new party games on the internet. These are guaranteed to make your games evening an instant success – smiles all round!


3. Haute cuisine

Have some fun in the kitchen. How about a cosy five-course meal? It doesn’t always have to be something complicated; simple dishes can also taste extraordinary. Have a rummage through your kitchen and magic up a feast. And keep in mind that it should be a feast for the eyes, too!



4. Photos from old times

This year was certainly unusual, but we’ve also experienced a lot in times gone by, much of which is captured in photos or videos. Wouldn’t it be fun to look through them together? You’re sure to discover dozens of memories that will make you laugh out loud.

5. Karaoke fun

Turn up the music and switch on the mic! You can sing any song you like. Or try one that you don’t know at all. It’ll be hilarious. And if you don’t quite hit the right note, it doesn’t matter. Don’t be shy – enjoy the moment!


To dive even deeper into the NYE spirit, try decorating your house. All you need is a bit of creativity. Make your own decorations and start the new year in a beautifully decorated house. Here are two easy DIY ideas:

Glitter lights

You need: a glass, PVA glue, a brush, glitter and a tea light.

Spread PVA glue over the glass using the brush, then sprinkle glitter on the glue. Once the glue has dried, you just need to put the tea light in the glass – et voilà!




To make your own confetti, all you need is paper and scissors or a hole punch.

Cut or punch out circles, stars or whatever other shapes you like from the paper. Spread your homemade confetti over the table – a quick and easy way to decorate it.




With these tips, your beautifully decorated house will make your NYE a roaring success, and you can enjoy a relaxing start to the new year.