Buying property: save wisely and realize your dreams

Buying a house or flat: For many Swiss people, this no longer has to remain a pipe dream. If you start planning, budgeting and also saving the necessary amount of money in good time, owning your own home will eventually be within your grasp.

Saving water – doing it properly!

Up until now, Switzerland has not had to contend with a water shortage. However, the essential resource is becoming increasingly more precious. This is another reason to treat the matter with the respect it deserves. The amount consumed at home and in the garden can be reduced relatively easily. A better understanding could lead to a reduction in the amount of virtual water we consume.

Your rights: defects in new build homes

Construction defects, delays and other troubles can spoil a buyer’s anticipation of moving into a new home. Contracts and agreements are decisive factors when it comes to «defects in new build homes». But what happens when the seller of the dwelling will not agree to rectify something which was executed poorly?

Raising rents – how much is acceptable?

Once a tenant hears the bad news about an increase in the monthly rent, heated discussions often follow. Disagreements about renovations which are then used to justify an increase in rent is an issue of tenancy law which arises again and again. Here’s an overview of the ground rules to keep in mind when dealing with this complex issue.