Raising rents – how much is acceptable?

Once a tenant hears the bad news about an increase in the monthly rent, heated discussions often follow. Disagreements about renovations which are then used to justify an increase in rent is an issue of tenancy law which arises again and again. Here’s an overview of the ground rules to keep in mind when dealing with this complex issue.

Infinity pool: a view as far as the eye can see

Infinity pools are enjoying a great surge in popularity in the construction of residences, in hotels and in architecture in general. A few reference projects will create some unbelievable stage settings and are considered the ultimate in luxury. But where and how can you make this dream of your own swimming pool become reality?

Ausflugsziele für Kinder

Die Schweiz hält gerade für Kinder viele spannende Ausflugsziele bereit. Für jede Jahreszeit und Wetterlage gibt es für Gross und Klein viel Neues zu entdecken – sei es in der Natur, in Museen oder bei zahlreichen Indooraktivitäten.

Tips for staying warm: never freeze again!

When we freeze, our body is telling us that it needs more energy in order to maintain a proper functioning temperature. With a bit of know-how and a few tricks, though, you’ll never worry about freezing again. Photo © Bächli Bergsport AG