Marianne Kohler

Tips on Living with Pets

Living with animals does not necessarily mean fuzzy old wool blankets, discolored holey terry towels or kitschy animal accessories. Choose pretty blankets, pillows and baskets that fit the style of your home. The more beautiful the things you choose for your pet, the easier they are to integrate into the decor. Toys are best collected in a basket. Food bowls and cans are, if the color and form are correct, noble home accessories. There are now also chic cat scratching trees, with which it is nice to live. Incidentally, carpets are not only beautiful home-decorators but also popular and attractive playgrounds for four-legged friends. This is because carpets are better for romping than parquet or stone floors – they also protect your pet from slipping and dampen noises.

10 things to sort out quickly when moving house

Moving house is always a big deal. You lose an old home, gain a new one, and everything is a bit of a whirlwind. All the more reason to want to feel at home again as quickly as possible. Some things are best dealt with right at the beginning –  these 10 things are good …

The perfect way to furnish a guest room

People who love having their friends staying over usually have a guest bedroom or a spare room that doubles up a guest bedroom if needed. Of course they probably don’t mind sleeping on a put-you up squeezed between your tax files or your fitness equipment after a long evening of excellent food, fine wine and good conversation, but a more welcoming environment would simply be nicer. These tips will help you to furnish your guest bedroom in a better way to make it more welcoming.

Summertime just like in Miami

Miami ist die Stadt der tropischen Lebensfreude, der pastellfarbenen Art Deco Häuser, der Palmen und des Glamours. All das möchten wir auch Miami is the city of tropical flair, of pastel Art Deco buildings, of palm trees and glamour – all things we’d enjoy having in our homes, as well. Chic accessories and cool furnishing tips will help put you in the mood.

Turn a garden into a design studio

There’s no question you can enjoy pleasant weather outdoors with just a deck chair or a picnic blanket. However, those who enjoy the finer things in life can also do so in their garden, and towards that end they can select from some quite lovely designer furniture. The very finest retro chic Whether stunning tables, …