Melanie Schärlig

Naturally pure – Cleaning without chemicals

One thing is universally true – cleaning is a tedious task that nobody wants to spend time on. All too often, we grab the first cleaning product we see that promises a sparkling result, without thinking about our choice for more than a few seconds. But chemical cleaning products are bad for your health and damage the environment – so is it time that we considered natural alternatives? Even without chemicals, things can be spick and span – and it’s easier than you think. With just a few ingredients, you can make your own cleaning products and in doing so reduce your packaging waste.

What is a box tree borer and how do you fight it?

The box tree borer is a small butterfly. The up-to-5 cm long caterpillars with their yellow-to-dark green color, the black head capsule and the black-and-white stripes are pretty to look at. But their pretty appearance is deceiving because they are voracious pests that eat box trees and shrubs and destroy them.

It happens every year – spring cleaning!

Winter is over and the first warm sun rays are streaming through the window. Unfortunately, even the brightest sun beams are only half as enjoyable when the view of the spring-like world is clouded by dirty windowpanes. Suddenly, you realize: Spring cleaning is due! But you don’t have to worry! We show you how to handle spring cleaning efficiently and quickly.