Build and buy

Save up for homeownership while you are young

Few people are millionaires already between the ages 30 and 35. And you are not born a big investor. With some stamina and clever planning, you can reach your savings goals. Even owning your nice own home one day is just a stone’s throw away! Dreaming of homeownership? – For young Generation X or Generation …

Heat pumps: energy from the deep

In Switzerland, heat pumps are considered to be an important part of the energy revolution. This is because lots of renewable, environmentally-friendly energy is in the ground, in the water or in the air. Modern heat pumps make use of this energy. Here are our tips for heat pumps – for new builds and for …

Planning reconstruction: Renovation with a system

Planning a reconstruction: For more and more people, this is becoming an urgent task. There are tens of thousands of outdated homes. And so the idea is born, to give the house a fresh look with a lick of paint or even major reconstruction. But don’t botch it! Good planning from the very beginning is essential.