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Heat pumps: energy from the deep

In Switzerland, heat pumps are considered to be an important part of the energy revolution. This is because lots of renewable, environmentally-friendly energy is in the ground, in the water or in the air. Modern heat pumps make use of this energy. Here are our tips for heat pumps – for new builds and for …

Planning reconstruction: Renovation with a system

Planning a reconstruction: For more and more people, this is becoming an urgent task. There are tens of thousands of outdated homes. And so the idea is born, to give the house a fresh look with a lick of paint or even major reconstruction. But don’t botch it! Good planning from the very beginning is essential.

Your rights: defects in new build homes

Construction defects, delays and other troubles can spoil a buyer’s anticipation of moving into a new home. Contracts and agreements are decisive factors when it comes to «defects in new build homes». But what happens when the seller of the dwelling will not agree to rectify something which was executed poorly?