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Solar collectors – their benefits and when they’re worth it

Using solar energy rather than traditional heating systems that damage the environment – that’s definitely a positive thing. But are solar collectors on your roof really anything more than a pleasant fantasy? Are they affordable for the average consumer? And when is it worth purchasing them? People have been trying to exploit the energy of …

Your rights: Construction Defects in New Housing

Construction defects, delays and general annoyance can spoil a house buyer’s joy in entering the housing market. Crucial to the topic of “construction defects in new housing” are contracts and agreements. Bloss: What if the apartment seller will not assume any responsibility for botched construction?

Heat pumps: energy from the deep

In Switzerland, heat pumps are considered to be an important part of the energy revolution. This is because lots of renewable, environmentally-friendly energy is in the ground, in the water or in the air. Modern heat pumps make use of this energy. Here are our tips for heat pumps – for new builds and for …