Cool tips for hot days

When temperatures are rising, it’s becoming more and more stuffy, and the sun is burning down from the skies, then tips for cool moments at home are more than welcome.



Cool downtime in the garden (Image HAUSER LIVING)

Cool down the apartment

Leave the heat outside, and ventilate at times really early in the morning or late at night, when the air is even cooler.  During the day, close windows and doors – because if the indoor space is already hot, it becomes difficult to lower the temperature.  Sunlight should also not stream freely onto and into the apartment, because the walls store heat. In addition, it’s important to avoid producing heat yourself: Cooking, blow drying hair, turning on computer devices, lights, etc. bring the thermometer up even higher. Nevertheless, air conditioning should only be used with caution, since the difference in temperature from hot and cold, outside and inside, puts enormous stress on the body.



A trip to the sauna? Yeah, you heard right.  Regular trips to the sauna, ideally one to two times a week, should be on the agenda – not just during the cold season but also in the summer months in particular.  Bianca Schilter, Communications Manager of KLAFS recognizes the positive effect: “As great as summertime is for us – it can mean a lot of stress for our skin. We often stay longer in the sun than is good for us. And jumping into cold water is certainly wonderful for refreshing ourselves and cooling down.  But this is stressful for the skin.  It’s about time we do something for our summer-stressed skin – with a real all-round pampering program, e.g. in a backyard sauna. This is good for the skin, body and mind.


Having a sauna in the backyard – good for the body, mind and soul (Image KLAFS AG))


Loose clothing, e.g. made of cotton, silk or linen is now on-trend.  You should also wear loose clothing for sleeping. If necessary, you can even cool down your bedding in advance by placing it in the freezer

Water as a basic requirement

Water is quite simply the elixir of life, and helps us get through the summer heat. One thing is clear: keeping yourself well hydrated is ‘in’, because fluid has to be replaced again after it is lost through sweating.  In addition to warm tea and fruity drinks, this can by all means also be water (not too cool!) enriched with mint leaves or a dash of lemon.  If it gets unbearably hot, taking it in turns to rinse off arms and legs with cold and lukewarm water stimulates circulation.

Water as the elixir of life (Image easy PR; Renson)

Relaxing in all situations

Taking a break now and then, putting your swollen feet up or taking some time out  – relax your way through the summer days and enjoy nature.