Dazzling decorating tips

Inside your very own four walls, you can give life to your unique personal style and do it all yourself. There are countless ways to decorate your home. We’ll give you a few tips to spruce up your space and turn it into a haven – and they work for any style, no matter if you’ve got an apartment full of designer pieces or just simple IKEA furniture!


1. Tip number one is worth its weight in gold: odd numbers. The human eye finds odd numbers of things more natural and harmonious. For example, if you want to use vases or candle holders as decor, only use one, or display an odd-numbered amount.


2. Take a look at your room. You will notice that at most, between one and three colours dominate. Consider which colours these are and match your decor to this colour scheme. It’ll make everything really come together.


3. Decor that is arranged together should display a difference, yet also show similarity. Let’s take three vases as an example. If they all have a similar colour, then they should differ in shape and/or size.


4. Another tip is making space. Over the course of the year, your stash of decorative objects only gets bigger. So that your decor doesn’t look too chaotic, cluttered or even kitschy, having a sort out is always a good idea.

5. Do you want to add a splash of summer to your apartment or house? Fresh flowers combined with decor in light, pastel colours add a touch of summer to your home. What’s more, they look especially good in vases in gold or silver hues.


6. Combining different patterns can quickly become a decorative trap because it can overwhelm our eyes. The solution: if you want to combine patterns, use the same colour scheme, or concentrate on using identical patterns in different colours.


7. Despite all your decor, does your living room still look too sterile? Or maybe your bedroom has a certain hospital atmosphere to it? Many people who like white furniture have to overcome this problem. A clean look is timeless, but can also quickly look cold. It’s worth trying out contrasting colours and adding splashes of colour. What about some bright, colourful cushions for the sofa? Add a few colourful vases and maybe even an accent wall, and your room will already look a lot more inviting.