Feng shui: a loving home for pets

The faithful eyes, soft paws, friendly tails wagging or an amusing game – pets enrich any household. As friends and companions they quickly become a member of the family. Whether fish, guinea pigs, cats, rabbits or dogs, they all deserve an agreeable place in your home where they can play and sleep.

In addition to responsible care for pets and addressing their basic requirements, an increasing number of feng shui criteria are coming into play within your four walls as regards how people and their pets live together.

Here note that cats and dogs in particular respond negatively to a poor environment and can then also tend to be poorly behaved. Even with a few small steps, energy can be optimised along with happiness at home. Read here how good feng shui winds can support homeowners with pets:

Feng shui for pets

Comfort zones for pets

Cats and feng shui

Fish and feng shui


(photo: epr)