Wage and Housing Costs — How High Should Rent be in Relation to Wages?

Finally, your own apartment! A dream come true, but is your apartment more expensive than you originally thought?
Before looking for your own place to live, it is important to take a close look at certain costs. Insurance, housing costs and taxes often account for the highest proportion of expenditure. What percentage of your income should the rent take up, so that at the end of the month it’s not spaghetti for dinner again?

Real estate tax return: Some tips you should know

If you own apartments or properties, you need to plan your finances and taxes carefully. “Organization is half the work”, as they say. So if you want to sort out your real estate tax return efficiently, you should always collect and keep all of your records. Our tips will help you to give you an overview.

Taxes: the best ways to save money

Soon we will all face an unavoidable rite of spring: annual tax returns are due in many cantons. If you live in your own four walls, you should closely examine the potential for savings in your specific situation.

2012 taxes

Your tax return is due soon. Attorney Pavlo Stathakis from the Swiss Homeowners’ Association (HEV Schweiz) reveals what homeowners should be thinking about to save money and what could change in the near future.