Garden furniture and accessories

By no means must a garden redesigned according to feng shui be set up solely with Asian accessories and furniture. If you want to use specific colours, shapes and materials, you can also do so with decorative elements from our latitudes.

Hard yang wood, soft yin wood

Have you decided for garden furniture made of wood? In that case, you should be aware that in feng shui you make a distinction between hard yang woods (e.g. oak) and soft yin woods (e.g. rattan, sisal, coconut, etc.).

Here you create a balance by, for instance, combining a hardwood table with chairs made of soft wood.

Braking the flow of energy

Especially with wooden furniture, according to Barbara Rüttimann, you must pay attention that it is well cared for and not weather beaten. That’s because broken-down garden furniture disrupts the flow of energy.

By the way, certain materials can also slow down the flow of chi. When it comes to a deck chair, for example, you’re better advised to select a wooden chair rather than a plastic lounge chair.

Stimulating effect

Glass, on the other hand, can accelerate chi and can also selectively be used just for this purpose. And with metal wind chimes you can bring the fast-moving yang energy into a garden.

Protection with a sturdy sun umbrella

A sun umbrella which is well proportioned to your outdoor area – in other words, not too small or large – creates a protected corner.

The umbrella should be very sturdy. «Otherwise it conveys more uncertainty than protection», emphasises Rüttiman.


The pot-bellied laughing Buddha symbolises luck, joy of life and well-being for the entire family (photo: Barbara Rüttimann).