Turn a garden into a design studio

There‚Äôs no question you can enjoy pleasant weather outdoors with just a deck chair or a picnic blanket. However, those who enjoy the finer things in life can also do so in their garden, and towards that end they can select from some quite lovely designer furniture. The very finest retro chic Whether stunning tables, …

Tips for winterising your plants

Even among the winter hardy plants there are also some more delicate ones which need winterising. We will show you how simple that is to do and how to properly use fallen leaves, straw, tree branches, bubble wrap and similar items.

Imaginative flowerpot ideas

Everything from rubber boots to plastic bags and beach balls or milk cartons – Florence Giardina presents some imaginative flowerpot ideas for you to try.

Putting the hydrangea on stage

Never alone in a cosy place in the shade The hydrangea needs plenty of water, and so it prefers not to be in blazing sunshine but rather in a secluded spot protected by trees. Individual plants, which are placed or planted in pots which seem to be too high, use the edge of the pot …