DIY Christmas present – easy and quick

Making Christmas presents by yourself is the inexpensive alternative to purchased gifts. Homemade gifts are also more personal and provide great pleasure even when crafting. This is why, we have compiled a variety of DIY Christmas present ideas which you can make this year for your loved ones.   Selfmade coffee warmer mug It looks … celebrates Christmas with a big sweepstake

Can you hardly wait until the holidays are finally here? To prevent you from being bored, we have come up with something very special for you! Every Advent Sunday there is a new challenge on Facebook and Instagram. You are allowed to guess, calculate and search. Please comment on the respective post and with a …

Real estate property: What happens after a divorce?

Difficult questions must be resolved when a couple goes their separate ways. Who gets the custody of the children? What is the distribution key that should be used to divide the assets? Since real estate is worth a lot today, something else is considered particularly tricky: equitable distribution of common property.