Guide to remote viewings on for private clients

In the current situation surrounding the coronavirus crisis, there is often uncertainty on how to handle property viewings. A recent survey of users clearly showed that demand for remote viewings is high in the current situation. Many users would feel uncomfortable doing an in-person viewing and would like the option of a remote viewing. You can now offer remote viewings for a property (in addition to the already existing 360° tour). If you offer these, we’ll mark this in your advert, so prospective buyers and tenants can immediately tell that a remote viewing is available.


Please note: Now you have the possibility to offer a live remote viewing directly via You can find more information in this blog post.


What is the difference between a remote viewing and a 360° tour?

Remote viewings via smartphone: A virtual video viewing using your smartphone is a simple approach that does not require any technical expertise. We recommend providers such as WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype or Google Hangouts. The advantage of this approach is that it involves direct communication with the prospective buyer or tenant and allows any questions to be answered immediately.

Creating a virtual 360° tour: Another option is to upload a virtual 360° tour. This can be created using your smartphone and supplied to prospective buyers and tenants. In this case, there is no direct communication with the prospective buyer or tenant. However, the advantage of this type of tour is that people can view it whenever they like.


How can I indicate in an advert that a remote viewing is available?

If you wish to offer remote viewings for a property, include one of the following ‘magic’ terms in the insertion process:

  • Remote viewing
  • Virtuelle Besichtigung
  • Visite à distance
  • Visite a distanza


  1. Under ‘Contact for viewing’, click on ‘Enter a new person’.
  2. Add one of the terms above wherever you like in the comment field. The terms are not case-sensitive and special characters such as accents are also not required.


If you use one of these terms, it is detected automatically and a message is displayed prominently in your advert. This makes it immediately clear to prospective buyers and tenants that a remote viewing is available.


What do I do if I want to stop offering remote viewings?

If you would like to remove the reference to a potential remote viewing, please simply delete the ‘magic’ term from the comment field. The remote viewing badge will then no longer be displayed in your advert.