homegate.ch supports property providers and prospective buyers and tenants during the current crisis with live remote viewings

homegate.ch now offers the option of organising and carrying out live remote viewings in order to support property providers and prospective buyers and tenants in the current situation and beyond.


A recent survey of prospective buyers and tenants on homegate.ch clearly showed that demand for remote property viewings is high in the current situation. Remote viewings have their advantages even without the limitations created by coronavirus. They allow prospective buyers and tenants to get a first impression of a property without having to take a great deal of time over it.

At homegate.ch, understanding the needs of our users and customers and offering them the best possible support is of central importance. We therefore considered what we might be able to do to make life easier for property providers and prospective buyers and tenants during the coronavirus crisis. For the last month, property providers offering remote viewings via WhatsApp, FaceTime or similar platforms have been specially marked on homegate.ch. To create an even more seamless user experience for property providers and interested parties, a team has been working hard over the last few days to develop a live remote viewing solution – which has now been successfully released.

Property providers can now carry out viewings simply via an app. This allows them to show the property to multiple prospective buyers or tenants at the same time using live video. Prospective buyers and tenants do not need to install a programme, they can take part in the viewing simply by clicking on a link. This makes remote viewings with multiple participants possible, even during the coronavirus crisis. During the viewing, property providers can interact with participants, who in turn have the opportunity to ask questions via the chat feature. House-hunters can thus get a realistic impression of a property from the comfort of their own home. Viewings are also recorded and can be rewatched at a later date.

Adverts that offer live remote viewings are labelled accordingly on homegate.ch. By clicking the ‘Join’ link in the advert, prospective buyers and tenants can take part in the live remote viewing on homegate.ch without having to log in or install a programme.




The first live remote viewing on homegate.ch took place on 9 April 2020 for a property in Jura. It was hosted by a long-standing property provider who is himself at higher risk from coronavirus. He was delighted by this new option, which allowed him to show his property to interested viewers without putting anyone at risk of infection. He considers it important to have a way of keeping business running while also helping to flatten the infection curve.