How do top athletes like European champion Oliver Hegi and Co. live?

We introduce you to 4 top Swiss athletes who showed us their favourite place to be at home. They reveal to us their living credo! Discover where they feel most comfortable and why.


After achieving his peak performance in Glasgow by winning gold at the European Championships on the high bar and bronze on the parallel bars, it is time for Oliver Hegi to recover.

In his Instagram post, he showed us spectacularly where his favourite spot is. When he’s not exercising, he loves to relax at home by the pool and enjoy the sun. Well, he got a good summer for that!


His living credo: a pure relaxed atmosphere



Former freestyle skier, model and sports broadcaster, Mirjam Jäger loves her flat! The best part? The bed is only two steps away from the patio. With such a beautiful view, getting up in the morning is so much easier! She can fully enjoy her love of nature, not only in her free time but also in her apartment.


Her living credo: combine work, living, recreation and privacy



Swiss ski jumper Luca Egloff takes every opportunity between trainings to recover and that’s the easiest thing for him in his cosy bed. His apartment is a retreat for him, where he can be himself and even lie down undisturbed for an hour-long power nap.


His living credo: not only an oasis of well-being but also an alternative storeroom for all his stuff ;)



For Swiss beach volleyball national player Gabriel Kissling, he enjoys getting back home. Sometimes, he uses the kitchen or the living room as a spacious alternative use for a creative break from the rigorous training routine. When he is in search of creativity for body and soul, he loves to juggle in the kitchen, as you can see. ;) This is how to have fun at home!


His living credo: fun and an oasis of well-being are a must, being open to new things remains a plus.