In 10 steps to the Christmas mood

Today’s time is stressful and hectic, so they say. However, Christmas should be a celebration that allows us all to relax, enjoy and have a great time. How do you manage to bring the Christmas spirit into your home? We show you here. With these 10 steps you can easily achieve a cozy and beautiful Christmas mood in your home.

Christmas candles



1. Candles

The first step in the direction of your Christmas happiness are the familiar candles. Whether with cinnamon scent or neutral, candles donate a pleasant light that warms our hearts. With them, your living room is given a cozy atmosphere in which you can completely relax.

christmas mood

2. Advent wreath

At the latest, on the first Advent it should be at home with you: the Advent wreath. Here too, there is a large selection of different models today. Classically round with pine branches or even roughly made of metal? Choose what you like. A little tip for a bit of „extra Christmas spirit“: Make your own wreath yourself. On the Internet you will find many simple instructions.



3. Advent calendar

No successful Advent without the Advent calendar. Whether with pictures, chocolate or even small gifts. The Advent calendar helps sweeten the waiting time for Christmas and often serves as a mood-enhancing decoration. Incidentally, it pays to make the Advent calendar yourself: Especially crafting the calendar spreads mood and anticipation of the festival.


christmas atmosphere

4. Christmas blankets and pillows

To make your home even more reminiscent of classic houses shown in Christmas movies, there are still a few things missing, such as matching pillows and blankets. Dark red and white are the classic Christmas colors, even Christmas subjects such as reindeer or snowflakes fit wonderfully in the mood. But there is never too much: The more blankets and pillows, the more comfortable your home will be – cuddle up and read a book while it gets colder outside.


light chains

5. Decoration, decoration and even more decoration

The obligatory Christmas decoration. Some people find it superfluous, yet it reminds us of what a special and beautiful time the Advent season is. Even small things such as a suitable table cover (try it with Christmas placemats and matching candles), Christmas wreath on the door or fairy lights, which should not be missing. Especially these give your home something festive. Arrange them on the window sill or, more elaborately, around the house, for example, in the garden or on your balcony.


6. A crackling fire

A log fire warms you and your home in the cold season. Positive side effect: The fire contributes a large part to the cozy atmosphere – not only by the light and flickering, but also by the unique smell and crackle. Do you not have a fireplace at home? No problem, an alternative is to run a video of a fire on your TV. This may sound bizarre, but it has a similar effect and is even safer.


christmas cookies

7. Christmas cookies

Cinnamon stars are the most popular Christmas cookies in Switzerland, and it contributes significantly to the Christmas spirit: something that makes Christmas is the rare scent that we only smell at this time of year. Be it the smell of freshly baked cinnamon stars or a mixture of candle wax and tangerines. The Christmas scents remind us that a very special time is just around the corner and brings back childhood memories of past festivals. The cookies are also used as decoration material and, of course, as a snack for in-between meals.


christmas mood

8. Tea, punch and hot chocolate

In order to increase the feel-good factor while cuddling in your blankets and enjoying cookie snacks, there is no better means than a hot drink. After a stressful day, it warms from the inside and relaxes. Besides, if you’re still feeling cold, you can warm your hands on the hot cup.
The extra Christmas kick: There are special Christmas teas that smell of cinnamon and everything you associate with a party. Do you prefer hot chocolate? Again, there are many variations. How about a hot Raffaelo chocolate? Recipes can be found on the Internet


9. Christmas music

Some people love them, others do not – Christmas songs. There is also something here for every taste in music. For many people, classics like „All I Want for Christmas“ or „Let It Snow“ are part of a successful festival, because they evoke nostalgic memories. If you are not in the mood for the well-known pieces, we recommend the more modern Christmas album „A Pentatonix Christmas,“ old carols completely reinterpreted and sung acapella. It’s worth listening to once.


christmas atmosphere

10. Get a Christmas tree

Big Nordmann fir, plastic replica or small tree? A Christmas tree completes the holiday atmosphere in your home. Especially adorning the tree with friends or family spreads anticipation and party mood. Decorate as you wish and invent your very own Christmas tree creation. After that, it’s best to sit in front of it, wrapped in your Christmas blankets, your stomach filled with Christmas cookies and enjoy the spirit and coziness you have created until it’s time to clean up and wait for next year.