Interior design trends 2020: back to the future

Do you have a wooden chair in your attic that looks like it’s done long service in a busy coffee shop? A lilac, velvet cushion or a small coffee table with brass legs? Then there’s a strong chance that you’re already bang on trend for 2020!

It can be hard to know where to start with the annual predictions for interior design trends. After all, who can buy a new set of home furnishings every year? Almost nobody, of course. Nevertheless, hints and tips about future trends, ideas and innovations can still be quite useful, especially if you have an interest in home furnishings and stylish and modern living. They open our eyes to new possibilities. Nothing is off limits. Not even keeping that old sofa in the living room for another season. Yes, that old sofa, the original colour of which is now long forgotten.

Practical interior design trends for 2020

Design-related magazines, websites and trend forecasters predict the following trends for 2020. First: refreshing, new colours for the home. Second: a revival of past interior design trends. Which is rather practical, because you won’t need to buy any new furniture! And, third: there’s no need for everything to coordinate. That’s even more practical!

Fashionable powdery shades

Trend forecaster Li Edelkoort, who has long been an icon to designers, predicts a riot of colour for 2020. Pastels may have been in vogue last year, but designers are already delighting in various shades of turquoise, grey, pink and lilac in 2020. The German interior design magazine Schöner Wohnen hit the nail on the head by calling them ‘powdery colour schemes’. The hottest colour for 2020? ‘Neo mint’, according to the trend forecasting service WGSN.

Wohntrends 2020: Die neue Frabe im Trend ist Neo-Mint. Bild:

Neo mint: the latest colour trend. (Image:

Other colour trends: maritime and futuristic tones

Many people may be reassured to learn that other colours will also be on trend alongside these pastel shades in 2020. Rich, dark colours are another key theme. Nearly black blues and greens will be matched with vibrant reds and oranges. The overall effect will be a metallic shimmering and shining, evoking the depths of the ocean. Whether these colours are really symbolic of societal trends and reflect our greater awareness of the environment is another question. They look great, anyway. And if you’re not sure about that idea either, there’s another direction you could take in 2020. Opt for a grey-blue colour, paired with a muted green, to echo the ‘exciting and futuristic colours of smart home technology’ – another design trend for the new year.

The interior design trend of the year

Designers taking their inspiration from the past is nothing new. In 2020, however, they’re doing it consciously and openly. Design trend of the year: Art Deco. What does furniture need to do? First and foremost, look good. In this case, looking good means using the styles and shapes invented 100 years ago, gold combined with rich colours like petrol or mustard yellow, heavy fabrics (preferably velvet), and materials with a certain cachet, such as marble or unusual types of leather. Elegant lines, decorative elements and comfort – that’s Art Deco!

Stylish Vienna rattan

One trend that fits this description is ‘Vienna rattan’. This style of rattan, famous for its use in Viennese coffee houses, has made something of a comeback in the past year. In 2020, however, expect to see it move beyond Thonet-style chairs. Fresh, new uses: Vienna rattan is now being incorporated into other items of furniture, such as sideboards. The simple aesthetics and properties of rattan are very contemporary – it’s durable, robust and sustainable!

Wohntrends 2020: Winter Geflecht, Kaffeehausstuhl.

A blast from the past and back in fashion: Vienna rattan and coffee house chair. Image: Sandra Schweizer Csillany.

Be bold and embrace 2020 interior design trends

Has a coffee house chair been languishing in your attic for decades? Or an ancient record player with a fabric cover? Show them off! Because they’ll both look fabulous next to the new lilac sofa. Or alongside other period accessories such as a cushion or vase. Even if you can’t buy all the latest furniture trends, the predictions and fashions for 2020 should at least inspire you to look at the furniture you already own in a fresh light and create a trendy, mismatched look. We repeat: in 2020, there’s no need for everything to coordinate!