Interior design trends 2021

Pastel tones – the brighter, the better! Pastel tones help to give a room a relaxed atmosphere and have a calming effect.

Aegean Teal – a blend of blue and green – is an on-trend colour for 2021. Others are set to have a big impact in 2021, too: the company Benjamin Moore & Co. has created a colour palette that includes the following tones: Atrium White, Muslin, Foggy Morning, Rosy Peach, Beacon Hill Damask, Potters Clay, Chestertown Buff, Amazon Soil, Gray Cashmere, Kingsport Gray, Silhouette and Aegean Teal.


The bedroom is a retreat, a place of relaxation, peace and privacy. When furnishing an apartment or house, we tend not to focus on the bedroom – after all, it’s ‘just’ the place where we sleep. However, many of us actually spend more time in our bedrooms than we might think, which is why it’s well worth sprucing this room up in 2021. A few trends are set to be big here:

Rustic Chic

Modern rustic, combining cosy and cool – think rustic wooden furniture with modern and stylish accessories. The Rustic Chic trend is inviting and friendly, while remaining chic and elegant.

Line Design

This trend is dominated by streamlined furniture and linear, unfussy designs paired with rounded, bulbous accessories. It incorporates a range of graphic patterns interpreted in different ways. The furniture is sleek and simple with no frills. The understated nature of this trend is offset by its colour palette: a fresh mint or mellow pink is perfect for a room furnished in the Line Design style.

Delicate Flower Magic

Inspired by the natural look? If so, this trend is the one for you. A combination of pinks and reds turns the room into a sea of flowers in bloom, with cushions, throws, carpets, curtains and upholstered furniture all featuring these delicate tones. Like flowers freshly picked from the garden, they radiate a natural charm and create a sense of harmony in the room.

Living room

Plants are the stars of the living room.

Adding greenery to your living room gives it a natural touch. Many of us have been trying new hobbies during the pandemic, so it comes as little surprise that house plants are very popular right now. If you don’t have the time or inclination to look after your plants – or you lack green fingers – it’s worth considering picking up some fake plants. Some look just as genuine as the real thing and are easy to care for.


The kitchen isn’t off limits to the natural touch, either. The new year will be dominated by wood, concrete and stone, with a wood kitchen combined with marble, concrete or stainless steel accents very on trend. It is also important to make sure other elements in the kitchen – worktops, for example – look just as elegant and understated. Otherwise, it may leave the kitchen as a whole looking dated.

There’s another kitchen trend that’s set to be highly popular in 2021:

black is the new white. That’s the motto for this trend. A kitchen entirely in black – that’s something that draws the eye every time. If it’s too sombre, you can combine it with a few ‘dusty colours’, as they are known;

i.e. various grey tones with touches of green, blue, violet or brown. The result is subdued, matt colour with little intensity.


Bathrooms are overwhelmingly white, beige or light blue – but not in 2021. Be bold and spin the colour wheel. Vibrant colours – an instant mood-changer – will be in high demand. To give the room a touch of elegance, add some gold accessories and turn your bathroom into a true Glam Chic experience.