Living and furnishing

Barbecue etiquette for tenants

One tenants fun barbecue may result in nothing but stress for the neighbors. Let us advise you on what the law prescribes and which grills or grilling tips lead to less trouble. Image © (CC BY-ND 3.0)

Saving water – doing it properly!

Up until now, Switzerland has not had to contend with a water shortage. However, the essential resource is becoming increasingly more precious. This is another reason to treat the matter with the respect it deserves. The amount consumed at home and in the garden can be reduced relatively easily. A better understanding could lead to a reduction in the amount of virtual water we consume.

The perfect way to furnish a guest room

People who love having their friends staying over usually have a guest bedroom or a spare room that doubles up a guest bedroom if needed. Of course they probably don’t mind sleeping on a put-you up squeezed between your tax files or your fitness equipment after a long evening of excellent food, fine wine and good conversation, but a more welcoming environment would simply be nicer. These tips will help you to furnish your guest bedroom in a better way to make it more welcoming.

Smart Living: Future barrier-free building and living

When you’re still young, healthy and active, you don’t even think about architectural barriers. Although many building aspects in your own apartment, house or in public spaces may be impractical, there are hardly any architectural barriers that cannot be overcome. However, things are different if you have a disability, or once you get old, or when you are out and about with small children.