Now it‘s about being cozy

New home trends in the fall make you really want to customize, decorate and enjoy being at home.

Friendliness is a top priority

When you hear the word “coziness” are you a person to prick up your ears? Do you think of ski hut magic, grandma romanticism or somehow get claustrophobia? Totally wrong! Modern coziness is friendly. It makes us feel comfortable, safe and happy at home. It is being celebrated everywhere. Not as a symbol of style but in a very natural way, because everything shows comfort. Chairs are upholstered and even get pillows on top. Sofas come in huge sizes, colors are warm, furnishings are uncomplicated and details are lovely. (Everything from House Doctor)

Lots of space to be together

In all new collections we find simple, relaxed upholstered furniture in many variants. The most important thing is they are comfortable and provide plenty of space to sit together. It is no longer matching similar furniture, but combining individual pieces so they offer as much comfort as possible. Corner groups are associated with lounging furniture, but also with seat puffs and armchairs. In addition, all sorts of side furniture are provided, so you can conveniently store things, such as books, magazines and drinks. Carpets, lamps, lanterns and large bouquets complete the living area and make it both a cuddly retreat and a cozy place to spend nice hours with friends and guests. (Everything from Rivièra Maison)

Pure sensuality

In autumn, not only nature looks abundant. A little of this abundance is also felt in the new home trends. Velvet and silk, dark colors, upholstery, soft carpets and playful lights are just a few examples. Even small things have size. Thus, generous ceramic dishes and crystal glasses are seen on the table. Large glass vases are filled with branches, autumn flowers and even artificial flowers. Lights are placed everywhere. Finally, we want this warm spot light in the room, which contributes much to genuine cosiness. (Everything from Interio)


It is chic

Trends like Bohochic or Skandistyle take a back seat and the stage is set for true elegance. We wish our home to be spacious so that it looks chic. Even if a three-room apartment does not really become a luxurious New York loft, new furniture and interior design ideas help it move in that direction stylishly. These include generous seating with numerous, fine, fluffy pillows and soft, supple plaids. Large shelves are bulging with books and the floors are covered with big, elegant rugs. (All accessories from H+M Home)


Velvet and special

With all this splendor, it is no wonder the favorite fabric of the season is velvet, the material of kings. Many sofas and armchairs as well as puffs and dining chairs are covered with velvet. The trend can also be implemented less expensively. For example, with many velvet cushions on a sofa. Choose gemstone colors, so the cushions shine like jewelry. Besides velvet, other textiles also play an important role. First of all, fabrics with ethnic patterns or lush floral designs. (These big seating cushions with handholds are from Madam Stoltz)


Dark, warm colors envelop us

Gemstone colors shine most beautifully against dark backgrounds. On many interior photos, dark walls are visible and make you want a sensual dark color mood in the house. Dark wall paints also provide other benefits. They create depth and make small rooms look larger. Autumn colors of nature such as gold, rust, wine, but also rosé, ocher, reed or dark purple tones appear noble, sensual and convey a warm coziness. (Accessories from Bungalow)


Practical is also cozy

More and more often we work from home. We need places where this is possible. Small tables, working corners, which also offer space to potter, are now part of every facility. These are becoming ever more comfortable, homely and personal. Dark wood, colorful walls, attractive wall shelves, pretty lights and elegant chairs help. (Wall shelf from Gejst)


Green – the most important new color

One color can be seen everywhere and is, so to speak, number one in the new residential season. It is green! The palette ranges from dark fir tones and shining emerald to rich grass green. Green is not just a wall paint, on textiles or home accessories but also on furniture. (The bright green wall color is from Little Greene)


Good night stories

As the nights are getting longer and it stays dark in the morning, more time is spent in bed. This is the best reason to pay more attention to the bedroom. New bedding is a good start. Just exaggerate it a bit. Lots of pillows, different sorts of linens and cuddly blankets make the bed a cozy nest. If you are looking for a new bed, you will find more and more box-spring versions. Basically, the beds are bigger, higher and stately. They have headboards and are often covered in fabric. Bedrooms become comfortable retreats. As in hotels, chairs, shelves or small breakfast tables are also part of the decor. (Linen and accessories from Sostrene Grene)