Online legal advice

The legal firm of Prof. Giger & Dr. Simmen Attorneys is offering, exclusively to interested visitors, an online legal consulting service at preferential terms and conditions. Depending on your individual requirements, you have the choice between two service packages:

Service Package 1

The answer to one question at a base fee of CHF 162.00. Every additional question for CHF 54.00* (maximum of four questions).

Service Package 2

Analysis of your legal issue with the answering of multiple questions and a list of possible courses of action for a flat fee of CHF 810.00*.

The lawyers at Prof. Giger & Dr. Simmen Attorneys will answer your legal questions online in the following areas:

  • Rentals (tenant)
  • Rentals (landlord)
  • Buying a property
  • Selling a property
  • Condominiums
  • Inheritance law

After receipt of your payment, you will receive a response to your legal questions via e-mail within three business days.

Any advice going beyond this scope (response to follow-up questions, review of documents, etc.) or the carrying out of legal mandates must be agreed separately and will be billed at a predetermined rate.

Clicking the following online form will bring you to the website of Prof. Giger & Dr Simmen Attorneys where you will then have the opportunity to take advantage of the desired service package and request a response per e-mail.

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*All prices include VAT