Wage and Housing Costs — How High Should Rent be in Relation to Wages?

Finally, your own apartment! A dream come true, but is your apartment more expensive than you originally thought?
Before looking for your own place to live, it is important to take a close look at certain costs. Insurance, housing costs and taxes often account for the highest proportion of expenditure. What percentage of your income should the rent take up, so that at the end of the month it’s not spaghetti for dinner again?

Debt Collection Excerpt

When applying for a home, you are often asked to attach a debt collection register excerpt. With debt collection information, the landlord wants to ensure that the potential future tenant can pay the agreed rent on time.

What additional costs may the landlord charge?

Additional costs or not? Total costs for using residential and business premises result from rent and ancillary costs, the latter partly contribute significantly to the total costs. We show you which costs are allowed as so-called incidental costs and which ones your landlord has to bear.

Housing search for seniors: Over 65 difficult

How does housing search for senior citizens look today? Older people are less familiar than the younger generation with the latest digital methods. When they are looking for a new home, either voluntarily or involuntarily, their budget is usually limited. But there are solutions: In Zürich, retired real estate professionals help.