The 10 most beautiful new furnishing trends

Living has high season. As the summer passes, we make the home beautiful. This autumn is especially nice – because the new living trends combine much comfort and warmth


1 Back to the Past

When it comes to trends, one always looks back to the past. The reason for this is longing. Because if we want something new, be it in fashion or at home, we long for a certain mood and wish for a story. So we look back at other times and awaken the epochs that have certain similarities with our present. Right now, this is the 19th century. At that time industrialization changed the world. Due to the uncertainty that brought the machine-driven age, one fled home to cuddly coziness.

But also the 1970s. Whoever looks back discovers a stylish reference to the 19th century in the cool Seventies. This was demonstrated at the time in fashion, as well as today with long dresses, updo hair styles and love of flowers. At home, it is plush, sensual colors and lots of decorations. The Danish company Bolia presents its new furniture, all of which have a relaxed glamorous Seventies-allure, in splendid, old, comfortable mansions.


2 Pouffs and Fringes

Bloomingville is also showcasing its new collection in lush residential rooms. Scandinavians are always at the forefront when it comes to new trends. They also prove they can do more than celebrate the Scandi chic. The cozy velvet pouff with long fringes is a clear evidence for this. Of course in furnishing it is always a matter of the mix, because who wants to set up completely new every season. This is a wonderful example of the fact that grandmother coziness is quite modern and practical. The fluffy pouff works very well in combination with the modern, white chest of drawers.

3 The New Elegance

Plush and even more pouffs, Seventies chic, a bit of drama and a lot of relaxed elegance – this is the fashionable mix in furnishing. These include elements with metallic shine, dark wall paints, mirrors and eye-catching pieces such as a dominant vase lamp, all by Tine K. Home.

4 Modern Mid-century

The cool, bright Scandi chic, which often shows itself in delicate feminine colors, is no longer on the hit list of residential trends. Inasmuch as the practical, light furniture of the 1950s is perfect for small apartments, a new trend has emerged from this period – the modern mid-century chic. This living trend comes from mid-century America , the period during and after the Second World War. Many European architects and designers emigrated to America during the war and implemented a new architectural style, especially in California. Bungalow-like villas emerged – not infrequently for successful members of the booming Hollywood film industry. Large windows made a strong connection with nature. With these, people brought many houseplants into the rooms. Furniture of the period is characterized by strong forms, the wood and the general color are darker and the appearance more masculine. The living style is modern, fits in all apartments and individual pieces can be well mixed with other furniture.  Swiss furniture store Interio has given the modern mid-century style a large place in its new warehouse.

5 Industrial – very chic!

Industrial chic is very close to the Mid-century style, but still quite different. It has already been implemented for a while and has become so popular that it has been preserved for us. But it is now different, the emphasis is on chic!  Its untamed, harsh youthfulness has left the uncomplicated living style almost completely and now appears more like a person in the middle-forties who has remained young. Elegance is there, a little bit of status and in between this the little bit of youthful wildness we love in the style, all from AM PM by La Redoute.

6 Artsy

Naughty and individual is also another new living trend – it is called Artsy. As the name says, it’s all about art. Art is the most important “must have” for the apartment. Pictures, sculptures, great picture books – all of which blend naturally among furniture and home accessories. The most important thing about this trend: In the search for art one goes to vernissages, visits exhibitions and artist studios and enjoys a bit of cultural life.  Each work is unique and

7 Ocher

New trends also mean new colors. The golden ocher – by the way a favorite of the Seventies, has put itself in first place in color chart trends. The warm color brings sunshine into the apartment and also looks great on large areas, like here on a sofa by HK Living.

8 Prairie splendor

The longing for new living stories brings us not only into the past but also the future. Thus, the summer desert style has changed into the autumnal prairie look and brings some distant world into the home. This is implemented very beautifully here with bed linen and home accessories from H+M Home.

9 New Savages

The prairie look also includes many new savages. These are, for example, ethnic carpets, braids, baskets, hand-woven tapestries, rattan or rough wood furniture and ceramics, as this fine example from Madam Stolz.

10 Blaze of Color

Even the Scandinavians have left the monochrome world of black, white and gray and are fully committed to color. Color is everywhere: On walls, furniture, crockery and household textiles. Important are the warm tones from ocher and rust to sensual red and violet. But also dark wall paints such as black, anthracite, night blue or forest green play an important role. They all bring a lot of warmth and sensuality into our home and create a secure feeling for us, everything from Broste.

Home furnishing catalogs have become inspirational magazines. They have just been sent to many households and can be obtained in the respective furniture stores. It is also worth going to furniture stores’ websites to discover many stories and inspirations around furnishing and decorating. Many of the images shown here are from manufacturers. On the companies’ websites, you can learn which sales outlets in your area carry the respective brands.